Have you ever met an ambidextrous introvert who loves pizza, sports and books?

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I have been wanting to write this article for awhile now but every time I sit down to start I find myself lost for the right words.

Does anyone else find it hard to write about themselves?

It should be the easiest topic because no one knows you as well…


You will be a world changer

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My daughter

You are a miracle

We loved you before your little heart ever started beating

From the day I found out I was pregnant with you,

My world changed

My dream is coming true

I am going to be a mother

Each day…

How I found my soulmate.

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In 2013 I was a 25-year-old introverted homebody, working a full-time job and on a mission to become the fittest and strongest girl I could be. My life included getting up at 4 A.M. …

It is a juggling act

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I became a mother for the first time in July of this year, 2021. It was the best feeling in the world seeing my little girl for the first time and realizing that I was actually a mommy! Six weeks later, it’s still sinking in, but I have embraced and…


Glitch or ghost? You be the judge

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Before I get into the events that took place which make me wonder whether my house is haunted, let me give you a bit of a back story.

On Valentine’s day of 2014, the first year my husband Luke and I met, he gifted me a stuffed dog which sings…

Life Lessons

I am a better person because of you

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Being pregnant has been the greatest blessing and gift I could have been given. I have been thankful and grateful each and every day, even when I was feeling sick, uncomfortable, tired, swollen, and achy all over. …


She’s just a very playful and happy girl.

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When I was 37 weeks pregnant, my husband, Luke, and I went in for our routine doctor's appointment. This was the week I started going in for weekly appointments to check on the baby’s heart rate along with my vitals to be sure everything was ok.

While the doctor was…

Through all the new thoughts, questions and decisions, I feel completely at peace.

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As I await my little girl’s arrival into this world, I have found just how much needs to be done to get ready for a newborn. While it is so much fun buying all the little baby things, I find myself hoping I am making the right decision with each…


My daughter speaks to me

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When I first found out I was pregnant and told my husband, Luke, we were over the moon excited. One of the first things we wondered after seeing our little one in our first ultrasound was,

“I wonder what they actually think about and do in there all day?”


Ashley Nicole

Wife, New Mama, Lifestyle Content Creator on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9nEOBqc2990XPPTdHAaVCg

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